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Important information

Farmhouse Flagstones cannot be held responsible for any of the following points:

  • Please note that due to the natural materials used in the production of our replica flagstones, colours and shades may vary from samples sent out, the displays in our show room, pictures on our website or in our brochure.
  • All materials once delivered should be kept completely dry. On no account must installation commence if the flagstones are damp. If they become damp then they must be thoroughly dried out before being installed.
  • Once your order is delivered the flagstones should be removed from the pallets as soon as possible. Failure to do this can result in shading, or browning marks appearing on the face of the flagstones.
  • To protect the flagstones from damage during the delivery process we put corrugated cardboard between the flagstones. Please make sure you remove the cardboard straight away. If the cardboard gets damp or wet it can leave staining on the flagstones.
  • Every effort is made to ensure you receive your flagstones in the best condition, However, please be aware that in transit, Flagstones may be subject to slight dark rub marks on points of contact while being transported. These small marks are not detrimental to the quality of your flagstones.
  • Pin or air holes may be present in the face of the flagstones, or may appear over time. This is perfectly normal due to the techniques used in production. This is not detrimental to the durability of the flagstones.
  • All concrete products may suffer from efflorescence. This is due to the salts and minerals present in the materials used. This is a temporary occurrence.
  • All exterior flagstones are prone to the natural effects of weathering just as any other stone does when exposed to the elements.
  • The effects of de-icing salts, chemical cleaners, pressure washers and snow clearing tools can cause damage to concrete surfaces.
  • We recommend using a grout gun to apply the grout into the joints. The flagstones are not ceramic or glazed so getting grout on the surface of the flagstones can prove difficult to remove. Always use a grout gun to avoid this issue.
    Before any sealant is applied to your floor it is very important that you determine the porosity of the stone you are working with. This is easily done by applying a small amount of water onto the surface of the stone. If the water soaks into the stone in under one minute it is classed as high porosity. If this is the case then it is advisable to treat the stone with several coats of a good quality impregnating sealer. All stone has thousands of microscopic pores running through it. If liquid is spilt onto the stones surface it will seep into the stone filling the pores up within. The impregnating sealer will fill the pores of the stone making it much more resistant to absorption. Once the floor has been sealed with the impregnating sealant you can then apply a surface sealant such as a satin sealant if desired.

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