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Flagstones FAQ

Some answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our flagstone flooring and paving.

Q. How much are your flagstone products?

A. Price for all our products are displayed on our Price Guide page and on our Product Pages.

Q. Can I use your flagstones outside?

A. Yes, our whole range of flagstones can be used outside, but we manufacture them at full thickness, between 45-50mm thick.

Q. Can underfloor heating be used with your stone flooring?

A, Yes. All of our internal range of stone flooring is ideal for use with underfloor heating.

Q. What thickness are your flagstones?

A. Our interior flagstone range are 25mm thick. Ideal for use with underfloor heating systems. Our exterior flagstone range are 45mm thick.

Q. How much will I need for my flagstone flooring or paving installation project?

A. Our Coverage Calculator should be able to help you work out how many flagstones and accessories you’ll need.

Q. Do you deliver?

A. Yes. We can arrange a nationwide UK delivery service as well as delivery to Europe and Worldwide for any quantity of flagstone flooring. The cost of delivery will depend on the size of your order and your geographical area.

Q. How long is your order time?

A. As all our flagstones are specially Made To Order, orders are usually ready for delivery in 2 weeks. However, during busy periods, we can require up to 6 weeks. Please contact us if you have any specific requirements.

Q. Is there a minimum order quantity / value?

A. No, there is no minimum order quantity.

Q. How much additional coverage should I order to cover breakages / unforeseen circumstances?

A. You need to add 10% to the overall area of your flagstone flooring project for cuts and wastage. This is generally very accurate.

Q. Do you have to seal the flagstones?

A. Yes, definitely for internal use. After sealing, the flags are then waxed. High-traffic areas may have to be re-waxed every 12 months or so.

Q. How do you maintain and clean flagstone flooring?

A. Very easily. When cleaning flagstones it is very important to make sure you use a cleaning product compatible with the sealant. Failure to do this can result in the incorrect cleaning product stripping off the sealant. All our sealants have a flagstone cleaning product which is compatible.

Q. Can you polish flagstone?

A. Yes, you can polish flagstones with a stone wax. Just an ordinary stone wax or antique stone wax will work well.

Q. Can you recommend a fitter / builder to install my flagstones?

A. We do not keep a list of fitters but a good place to ask is your local tile shop. They usually keep a list of reputable fitters.

Q. How do I replace a broken flagstone in my existing flooring?

A. If you have a broken flagstone, the best way to remove it, is to work from the middle of the flagstone out to the edges. If you try and prise the flagstone up from the edge there is a danger you will break the edge of the adjacent flagstone.

Q. Are you able to colour match flagstones to my existing floor?

A. We can do our very best to colour match you existing flagstones. If you either send some pictures or supply us with a sample, we can let you know if we can match it or not.

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