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Old Mill Limestone finished with Satin Sealant (Interior) and without Sealant (Exterior)

A spectacular property only deserves a spectacular flagstone tile, and the choice for this Oxfordshire property had to be Old Mill Limestone. Immediately when installing these tiles the immense diversity can be seen, as they not only installed this tile throughout the interior of the property, but also through the garden.

These beautiful bright limestone tiles work to create a summer feel throughout the property and elevate the light that reaches every nook and cranny. Within the property these flagstones have been installed with a satin finish to attract and reflect as much light as possible, making the whole property feel like it belongs in the South of France.

The colour scheme used with these tiles is diverse and simple in nature, with peach tones on the walls as well as blue patterned tiles along the walls. The pool room is a perfect example of the beauty these tiles create as they allow the light within and make this indoor room feel like a tropical paradise.

Outside the home the bright sandy tones of these flagstone tiles compliments the brickwork on the exterior or the home and makes the foliage that climbs the walls look even brighter and more vibrant.

Practical country living flooring and paving

These tiles are very easy to clean if you have messy children or dogs, and the outdoor tiles can be cleaned with a pressure washer within minutes. If you have a property that you want to bring a touch of summer style to, these are the ideal ones for the job. Make your property feel like a holiday home with these limestone flagstones.

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