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Farmhouse Flagstones


​Old Mill Heritage Grey, finished with Antique Oil and Satin Sealant

This large house in Kent was renovated to fit new flagstones flooring, in the Old Mill Heritage Grey style and colour. This flooring was finished off with Antique Oil and Satin Sealant, for a polished and usable look perfect for a family home.

Flagstone colours

There’s a real classic tone to the Old Mill Heritage Grey flagstones; they’re naturally darker in shade and tone, which only adds to their traditional styling and versatile use throughout the house.

The colour scheme of these flagstones is only deepened by the texture of the Old Mill Heritage tiles themselves, helping them to capture both natural and artificial light.

These flagstones are the cornerstone of authentic style, and work well for a home renovation that wants to project a traditional style, and yet include more contemporary highlights and finishing.

Positioning the flagstones

The tiles were fitted throughout the kitchen and the main hallway of the house, as well as throughout a WC downstairs.

The Old Mill Heritage style works best as kitchen floor tiles; they’re durable against the repeated and typical traffic in and out of the kitchen, and are easy to wipe up and clean in case of spillage.

For a property renovation project, Old Mill Heritage tiles would work wonderfully in any kind of wet rooms or multi functional rooms, such as the kitchen, hallway, and bathroom. These flagstones work well in more suburban and rural settings, and are reminiscent of the countryside and farmhouse style.

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