Farmhouse Flagstones

Exterior Old York Flagstones For Sale

Proudly 100% hand made in Great Britain

Our traditional hand-crafted flagstones are made-to-order with care and precision in our Gloucestershire workshops.
We do not import cheap mass-produced stone from the other side of the world.

Classic kitchen look with our flagstone floor tiles

Any kitchen will look great with our flooring but if you have a traditional country kitchen, our flagstones are the perfect fit.

If you're going to be installing a new classic-style kitchen in your period or moden property, or you're renovating a traditional old kitchen, then our flagstone floor tiles will be perfect to complete the overall feel.

We have a number of traditional styles, colours and finishes available for our flagstones, so help compliment and accentuate your kitchen's design.

Flooring for every season

Our flagstones are ideal for use with underfloor heating systems. So if you want to feel the warmth of your heating underfoot in the cold winters, our flagstones are ideal.

In the summer, when you have your heating switched off, the solid flagstones will keep your kitchen cool.

The best of both worlds!

Interior flagstone flooring

If you're about to start a property renovation project - or you want a traditional look in your new home - check out the Interior Flagstone product styles we have available.

Alternatively, please contact us for more details.

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